Price Quantity Indexes and Values for U.S. Exports and Imports, 1879-1923

The data below are price and quantity indexes and values for U.S. international trade, 1879 to 1923, from Robert E. Lipsey, Price and Quantity Trends in the Foreign Trade of the United States, Princeton University Press, 1963. The aggregate indexes and some product breakdowns are shown in the original volume and in U.S. Bureau of the Census, Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970, Washington, D.C., 1975. What are presented here are more disaggregated data from the same original source.

The data are in three sets, at different levels of commodity detail. The A tables refer to major commodity classes, 22 for exports and 23 for imports. The B tables present data for intermediate classes, 47 for exports and 50 for imports, and the C tables present data for minor classes, 77 in exports and 90 in imports. The price and quantity indexes are presented with 1913 = 100. A concordance is provided, matching the minor classes approximately to the SITC Revision 2.

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A Tables

     Annual Fisher export price indexes A-14.csv A-14.asc
     Annual Fisher import price indexes A-15.csv A-15.asc
     Annual Fisher export quantity indexes A-16.csv A-16.asc
     Annual Fisher import quantity indexes A-17.csv A-17.asc
     Annual export values ($ million) A-18.csv A-18.asc
     Annual import values ($million) A-19.csv A-19.asc
     Annual Paasche export price indexes A-20.csv A-20.asc
     Annual Paasche import price indexes A-21.csv A-21.asc
     Annual Laspeyres export price indexes A-22.csv A-22.asc
     Annual Laspeyres import price indexes A-23.csv A-23.asc
     Quarterly Fisher export price indexes A-24.csv A-24.asc
     Quarterly Fisher import price indexes A-25.csv A-25.asc
     Quarterly Fisher export quantity indexes A-26.csv A-26.asc
     Quarterly Fisher import quantity indexes A-27.csv A-27.asc
     Quarterly export values ($ millions) A-28.csv A-28.asc
     Quarterly import values ($ millions) A-29.csv A-29.asc
     Composition of major export and import classes A-30.csv A-30.asc
B Tables

     Annual Fisher export price indexes B-1.csv B-1.asc
     Annual Fisher import price indexes B-2.csv B-2.asc
     Annual Fisher export quantity indexes B-3.csv B-3.asc
     Annual Fisher import quantity indexes B-4.csv B-4.asc
     Annual export values ($ million) B-5.csv B-5.asc
     Annual import values ($ million) B-6.csv B-6.asc
     Composition of intermediate export classes B-7.csv B-7.asc
     Composition of intermediate import classes B-8.csv B-8.asc
C Tables

     Annual Fisher export price indexes C-1.csv C-1.asc
     Annual Fisher import price indexes C-2.csv C-2.asc
     Annual Fisher export quantity indexes C-3.csv C-3.asc
     Annual Fisher import quantity indexes C-4.csv C-4.asc
     Annual export values ($ million) C-5.csv C-5.asc
     Annual import values ($ million) C-6.csv C-6.asc

     Minor export class and SITC Rev. 2 exp.csv exp.asc
     Minor import class and SITC Rev. 2 imp.csv imp.asc

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