Thuy D. Nguyen

Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47401

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Institutional Affiliation: Indiana University Bloomington

NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2020Competitive Effects of Federal and State Opioid Restrictions: Evidence from the Controlled Substance Laws
with Sumedha Gupta, Patricia R. Freeman, Kosali I. Simon: w27520
June 2020Back to Business and (Re)employing Workers? Labor Market Activity During State COVID-19 Reopenings
with Wei Cheng, Patrick Carlin, Joanna Carroll, Sumedha Gupta, Felipe Lozano Rojas, Laura Montenovo, Ian M. Schmutte, Olga Scrivner, Kosali I. Simon, Coady Wing, Bruce Weinberg: w27419
May 2020Effects of Social Distancing Policy on Labor Market Outcomes
with Sumedha Gupta, Laura Montenovo, Felipe Lozano Rojas, Ian M. Schmutte, Kosali I. Simon, Bruce A. Weinberg, Coady Wing: w27280
Impacts of State Reopening Policy on Human Mobility
with Sumedha Gupta, Martin Andersen, Ana Bento, Kosali I. Simon, Coady Wing: w27235
April 2020Tracking Public and Private Responses to the COVID-19 Epidemic: Evidence from State and Local Government Actions
with Sumedha Gupta, Felipe Lozano Rojas, Shyam Raman, Byungkyu Lee, Ana Bento, Kosali I. Simon, Coady Wing: w27027
October 2019How do Opioid Prescribing Restrictions Affect Pharmaceutical Promotion? Lessons from the Mandatory Access Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs
with W. David Bradford, Kosali I. Simon: w26356
June 2019Can Policy Affect Initiation of Addictive Substance Use? Evidence from Opioid Prescribing
with Daniel W. Sacks, Alex Hollingsworth, Kosali I. Simon: w25974

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