Economic Fluctuations and Growth Program Meeting

Economic Fluctuations and Growth Program Meeting

The NBER's Program on Economic Fluctuations and Growth met in Cambridge on July 13, 2013. NBER Research Associates Peter Klenow of Stanford University, and Valerie Ramey of the University of California at San Diego organized the meeting. These papers were discussed:

    Daron Acemoglu, MIT and NBER; Ufuk Akcigit, University of Pennsylvania and NBER; Nicholas Bloom, Stanford University and NBER; and William Kerr, Harvard University and NBER, "Innovation, Reallocation and Growth" (NBER Working Paper No. 18993)

    Mark Aguiar, Princeton University and NBER; Manuel Amador, Stanford University and NBER; and Emmanuel Farhi and Gita Gopinath, Harvard University and NBER, "Crisis and Commitment: Inflation Credibility and the Vulnerability to Sovereign Debt Crises"

    Shigeru Fujita, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, and Giuseppe Moscarini, Yale University and NBER, "Recall and Unemployment"

    Robert Hall, Stanford University and NBER, "High Discounts and High Unemployment"

    David Lagakos, University of California, San Diego and NBER; Benjamin Moll, Princeton University and NBER; Tommaso Porzio, Yale University; and Nancy Qian, Yale University and NBER, "Experience Matters: Human Capital and Development Accounting" (NBER Working Paper No. 18602)

    Saki Bigio, Columbia University, and Jennifer La'O, Columbia University and NBER, "Financial Frictions in Production Networks"

Summaries of these papers may be found at: https://www.nber.org/confer/2013/EFGs13/summary.html

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