The NBER Reporter 2019 Number 1: News

Annual Report of Awards to NBER Affiliates

Katherine Baicker was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Lucian Bebchuk received the 2018 IRRC Institute Award for work in corporate governance for his research with Scott Hirst on "Index Funds and the Future of Corporate Governance: Theory, Evidence, and Policy."
Roland J. Benabou was elected as a corresponding member of the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques, one of the five national academies that collectively constitute the Institut de France.
Eli Berman was selected as president of the Economics of National Security Association.
Howard Bodenhorn was awarded the Jonathan Hughes Prize for Excellence in Teaching Economic History by the Economic History Association.
John Y. Campbell received an honorary degree from the BI Norwegian Business School.
David Deming was awarded the David N. Kershaw Prize, which honors persons under the age of 40 who have made distinguished contributions to the field of public policy.
Amy Finkelstein was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship, which is awarded to extraordinarily talented and creative individuals, and was elected to the National Academy of Sciences.
Price V. Fishback served as president of the Economic History Association.
Gita Gopinath was elected a fellow of both the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Econometric Society, and was appointed economic counsellor and director of the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund.
Benjamin Handel received the American Risk and Insurance Association Early Career Scholarly Achievement Award, shared the ASHEcon Medal for Top Health Economist Under 40 with Jonathan Kolstad, and was awarded the National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation's Research Award for his paper "What Does a Deductible Do?" with Zarek Brot-Goldberg, Amitabh Chandra, and Jonathan Kolstad.
David Hirshleifer served as president elect of the American Finance Association and was elected a fellow of the Finance Theory Group.
Seema Jayachandran was awarded the 2018 Sustainability Science Award of the Ecological Society of America for her paper "Cash for Carbon" with Joost de Laat, Eric Lambin, Charlotte Stanton, Robin Audy, and Nancy Thomas.
Supreet Kaur received a Sloan Research Fellowship and a National Science Foundation CAREER award.
Mervyn King was awarded the Paul Volcker Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Association for Business Economics.
Morris M. Kleiner received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Labor and Employment Relations Association.
Jin-Tan Liu was awarded a National Chair Professorship by the Taiwan Ministry of Education.
Matteo Maggiori received the AQR Insight Award for his paper "International Currencies and Capital Allocation" with Brent Neiman and Jesse Schreger, and an Excellence Award in Global Economic Affairs from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.
Thomas McGuire received the Victor P. Fuchs Award for Lifetime Contributions to the Field of Health Economics from the American Society of Health Economics.
Benjamin Moll received the Germán Bernácer Prize for best European economist under 40 working in macroeconomics and finance. He also received the Economics in Central Banking Award for his paper with Greg Kaplan and Gianluca Violante on "Monetary Policy According to HANK."
Ariel Pakes was elected to the National Academy of Sciences, and shared the BBVA Frontiers Knowledge Award in Economics, Finance and Management with Timothy Bresnahan and Robert Porter.
Lubos Pastor received a Woodrow Wilson Award from the Slovak Embassy to the United States for contributions to Slovakia-U.S. relations, and won the QMA Award for Best Paper on Investment Management from the Western Finance Association for "Fund Tradeoffs" with Robert Stambaugh and Lucian Taylor.
Parag Pathak received the John Bates Clark Medal from the American Economic Association, honoring the American economist under the age of 40 judged to have made the most significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge.
Stephen Redding was awarded the Econometric Society's Frisch Medal for the best empirical paper published in Econometrica in the last five years for "The Economics of Density: Evidence from the Berlin Wall" with Gabriel Ahlfeldt, Daniel Sturm and Nikolaus Wolf.
Carmen Reinhart was awarded the King Juan Carlos Prize in Economics, which recognizes influential Spanish or Latin American economists; the Bernhard Harms Prize from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, for distinguished contributions in international economics; and the Adam Smith Award from the National Association for Business Economics.
Hugh Rockoff became president-elect of the Economic History Association.
Dani Rodrik was elected a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and received the John von Neumann Award from the Rajk László College for Advanced Studies in Budapest.
Christina Romer received the 2018 Robert A. Muh Alumni Award in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences from MIT.
Paul Romer and William Nordhaus shared the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.
Nancy L. Rose was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and named a distinguished fellow of the Industrial Organization Society.
Joshua L. Rosenbloom was elected a fellow of the Cliometric Society.
Maya Rossin-Slater received a National Science Foundation CAREER award.
Raffaella Sadun received the HBR McKinsey Award for the best paper published in the Harvard Business Review for "Why Do We Undervalue Competent Management?" with Nicholas Bloom and John Van Reenen.
Joseph Shapiro was named a Sloan Research Fellow by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
Richard Sutch received the Social Science History Association Founder's Prize for the best article published in Social Science History, "The One Percent across Two Centuries: A Replication of Thomas Piketty's Data on the Concentration of Wealth in the United States."
Robert Shiller won the Global Economy Prize from the Kiel Institute for World Economy.
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg won the Robert E. Lucas, Jr. Prize for the most interesting paper in the last two years in the Journal of Political Economy for his paper on "The Geography of Development" with Klaus Desmet and Dávid Krisztián Nagy.
Frank Schorfheide was elected a fellow of the Econometric Society.
G. William Schwert was named a fellow of the American Finance Association.
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