The NBER Reporter 2019 Number 3: Program Meeting

Economic Fluctuations and Growth

Members of the NBER's Economic Fluctuations and Growth Program met July 13 in Cambridge. Research Associate Amir Sufi of the University of Chicago and Silvana Tenreyro of the London School of Economics organized the meeting. These researchers’ papers were presented and discussed:

    Masao Fukui, MIT, and Emi Nakamura and Jón Steinsson, University of California, Berkeley and NBER, “Women, Wealth Effects, and Slow Recoveries” (NBER Working Paper 25311)

    Julian Kozlowski, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis; Laura Veldkamp, Columbia University and NBER; and Venky Venkateswaran, New York University and NBER, “The Tail that Wags the Economy: Beliefs and Persistent Stagnation” (NBER Working Paper 21719)

    Pascal Michaillat, Brown University and NBER, and Emmanuel Saez, University of California, Berkeley and NBER, “Resolving New Keynesian Anomalies with Wealth in the Utility Function” Francesco Lippi, LUISS University & EIEF, and Fabrizio Perri, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, “Unequal Growth”

    Andreas Fagereng, Statistics Norway; Martin Blomhoff Holm, University of Oslo; Benjamin Moll, Princeton University and NBER; and Gisle Natvik, BI Norwegian Business School, “Saving Behavior across the Wealth Distribution: The Importance of Capital Gains”

    Pablo Fajgelbaum, University of California, Los Angeles and NBER; Pinelopi K. Goldberg, World Bank, on leave from Yale University and NBER; Amit Khandelwal, Columbia University and NBER; and Patrick Kennedy, University of California, Berkeley, “The Return to Protectionism” (NBER Working Paper 25638)

Summaries of these papers are at

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