The NBER Reporter Fall 2002: Books

Preventing Currency Crises in Emerging Markets

Preventing Currency Crises in Emerging Markets is available from the University of Chicago Press this fall for $100.00. This NBER conference report, over 700 pages in length, was edited by Sebastian Edwards and Jeffrey A. Frankel.

In this timely and important volume, academics, officials of multilateral organizations, and economists from the public and private sectors explore the causes of international currency crises and the policies that can reduce the likelihood of such crises. The topics discussed include exchange rate regimes, contagion (that is, transmission of currency crises across countries), the role of private sector investors and speculators, the reaction of the official sector, bank supervision and weaknesses, and the roles of cronyism, corruption, and large players (including hedge funds). The volume includes detailed case studies, cross-country comparisons, and theoretical concerns.

Edwards is a Research Associate in the NBER's Programs on International Finance and Macroeconomics and International Trade and Investment. He is also the Henry Ford II Professor of International Economics at the Anderson Graduate School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles. Frankel directs the NBER's Program on International Finance and Macroeconomics and is the James W. Harpel Professor of Capital Formation and Growth at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

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List of Working Papers

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9025 Peter Arcidiacono
Sean Nicholson
Peer Effects in Medical School
9026 Andrew B. Bernard
J. Bradford Jensen
The Deaths of Manufacturing Plants
9027 Bruce A. Blonigen
KaSaundra Tomlin
Wesley W. Wilson
Tariff-jumping FDI and Domestic Firms' Profits
9028 Kerwin Kofi Charles
Ming-Ching Luoh
Gender Differences in Completed Schooling
9029 Naomi R. Lamoreaux
Daniel M.G. Raff
Peter Temin
Beyond Markets and Hierarchies: Toward a New Synthesis of American Business History
9030 Aart Kraay
Jaume Ventura
Current Accounts in the Long and Short Run
9031 Amy Finkelstein The Interaction of Partial Public Insurance Programs and Residual Private Insurance Markets: Evidence from the U.S. Medicare Program
9032 Peter MacKay
Gordon M. Phillips
Is There an Optimal Industry Financial Structure?
9033 Kerwin Kofi Charles Is Retirement Depressing?: Labor Force Inactivity and Psychological Well-Being in Later Life
9034 Urban Jermann
Vincenzo Quadrini
Stock Market Boom and the Productivity Gains of the 1990s
9035 Amy Finkelstein When Can Partial Public Insurance Produce Pareto Improvements?
9036 David M. Cutler Employee Costs and the Decline in Health Insurance Coverage
9037 Judith K. Hellerstein
David Neumark
Ethnicity, Language, and Workplace Segregation: Evidence from a New Matched Employer-Employee Data Set
9038 Mireia Jofre-Bonet
Jody L. Sindelar
Drug Treatment as a Crime Fighting Tool
9039 Philippe Bacchetta
Eric van Wincoop
A Theory of the Currency Denomination of International Trade
9040 Eric A. Hanushek The Failure of Input-based Schooling Policies
9041 Kerwin Charles
Patrick Kline
Relational Costs and the Production of Social Capital: Evidence from Carpooling
9042 Michael R. Haines Ethnic Differences in Demographic Behavior in the United States: Has There Been Convergence?
9043 Giuseppe Bertola
Francine D. Blau
Lawrence M. Kahn
Labor Market Institutions and Demographic Employment Patterns
9044 Sarah E. Turner
John Bound
Closing the Gap or Widening the Divide: The Effects of the G.I. Bill and World War II on the Educational Outcomes of Black Americans
9045 Alan L. Gustman
Thomas L. Steinmeier
The New Social Security Commission Personal Accounts: Where Is the Investment Principal?
9046 Emmanuel Saez Optimal Progressive Capital Income Taxes in the Infinite Horizon Model
9047 Sergio L. Schmukler
Luis Serven
Pricing Currency Risk: Facts and Puzzles from Currency Boards
9048 Igal Hendel
Aviv Nevo
Sales and Consumer Inventory
9049 Owen A. Lamont Evaluating Value Weighting: Corporate Events and Market Timing
9050 Neil Doherty
Kent Smetters
Moral Hazard in Reinsurance Markets
9051 Francine D. Blau
Lawrence M. Kahn
Joan Y. Moriarty
Andre Portela Souza
The Role of the Family in Immigrants' Labor-Market Activity: Evidence from the United States
9052 Andrew B. Bernard
Stephen Redding
Peter K. Schott
Helen Simpson
Factor Price Equalization in the UK?
9053 Kristin J. Forbes Cheap Labor Meets Costly Capital: The Impact of Devaluations on Commodity Firms
9054 Lisa Barrow
Cecilia Elena Rouse
Using Market Valuation to Assess Public School Spending
9055 Pedro Carneiro
James J. Heckman
The Evidence on Credit Constraints in Post-Secondary Schooling
9056 Michael W. Brandt
Qiang Kang
On the Relationship Between the Conditional Mean and Volatility of Stock Returns: A Latent VAR Approach
9057 Mihir A. Desai
James R. Hines Jr.
Expectations and Expatriations: Tracing the Causes and Consequences of Corporate Inversions
9058 David Card
Lara D. Shore-Sheppard
Using Discontinuous Eligibility Rules to Identify the Effects of the Federal Medicaid Expansions on Low Income Children
9059 Brian J. Hall
Thomas A. Knox
Managing Option Fragility
9060 Charles E. McLure, Jr.
Walter Hellerstein
Does Sales-only Apportionment of Corporate Income Violate the GATT?
9061 Hope Corman
Naci Mocan
Carrots, Sticks and Broken Windows
9062 Jonathan Kearns
Roberto Rigobon
Identifying the Efficacy of Central Bank Interventions: The Australian Case
9063 Eric M. Leeper
Tao Zha
Empirical Analysis of Policy Interventions
9064 John M. de Figueiredo
Brian S. Silverman
Academic Earmarks and the Returns to Lobbying
9065 John F. Helliwell How's Life? Combining Individual and National Variables to Explain Subjective Well-Being
9066 Daron Acemoglu
Philippe Aghion
Fabrizio Zilibotti
Distance to Frontier, Selection, and Economic Growth
9067 Bruce Baker
Daniel Besendorfer
Laurence J. Kotlikoff
Intertemporal State Budgeting
9068 Lucian Arye Bebchuk
Jesse M. Fried
David I. Walker
Managerial Power and Rent Extraction in the Design of Executive Compensation
9069 Mark Bils
Peter J. Klenow
Some Evidence on the Importance of Sticky Prices
9070 Reena Aggarwal
Nagpurnanand R. Prabhala
Manju Puri
Institutional Allocation In Initial Public Offerings: Empirical Evidence
9071 Eric A. Hanushek The Long Run Importance of School Quality
9072 Alberto Alesina
Robert J. Barro
Silvana Tenreyro
Optimal Currency Areas
9073 Mark Coppejans
Holger Sieg
Price Uncertainty, Tax Policy, and Addiction: Evidence and Implications
9074 Alan B. Krueger
Jitka Maleckova
Education, Poverty, Political Violence and Terrorism: Is There a Causal Connection?
9075 John Y. Campbell
Luis M. Viceira
Joshua S. White
Foreign Currency for Long-Term Investors
9076 Gordon H. Hanson
Chong Xiang
The Home Market Effect and Bilateral Trade Patterns
9077 Patrick J. Kehoe
Fabrizio Perri
Competitive Equilibria With Limited Enforcement
9078 Lucian Arye Bebchuk The Case Against Board Veto in Corporate Takeovers
9079 Kenneth A. Froot
Jessica D. Tjornhom
Decomposing the Persistence of International Equity Flows
9080 Kenneth A. Froot
Tarun Ramadorai
Currency Returns, Institutional Investor Flows, and Exchange Rate Fundamentals
9081 Michael W. Klein Work and Play: International Evidence of Gender Equality in Employment and Sports
9082 Thorsten Beck
Ross Levine
Stock Markets, Banks, and Growth: Panel Evidence
9083 James Heckman
Lance Lochner
Ricardo Cossa
Learning-By-Doing Vs. On-the-Job Training: Using Variation Induced by the EITC to Distinguish Between Models of Skill Formation
9084 David B. Gordon
Eric M. Leeper
The Price Level, the Quantity Theory of Money, and the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level
9085 Austan Goolsbee
Judith Chevalier
Measuring Prices and Price Competition Online: Amazon and Barnes and Noble
9086 Kala Krishna
Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay
Cemile Yavas
Trade with Labor Market Distortions and Heterogeneous Labor: Why Trade Can Hurt
9087 Peter G. Dunne
Michael J. Moore
Richard Portes
Defining Benchmark Status: An Application using Euro-Area Bonds
9088 Ronald G. Ehrenberg
Randy A. Ehrenberg
Christopher L. Smith
Liang Zhang
Why Do School District Budget Referenda Fail?
9089 Thorsten Beck
Asli Demirguc-Kunt
Ross Levine
Law, Endowments, and Finance
9090 Austan Goolsbee
Jonathan Guryan
The Impact of Internet Subsidies in Public Schools
9091 Mark Duggan Does Contracting Out Increase the Efficiency of Government Programs? Evidence from Medicaid HMOs
9092 Olivia S. Mitchell
David McCarthy
Annuities for an Ageing World
9093 Melissa Schettini Kearney Is There an Effect of Incremental Welfare Benefits on Fertility Behavior? A Look at the Family Cap
9094 Orley Ashenfelter
Michael Greenstone
Using Mandated Speed Limits to Measure the Value of a Statistical Life
9095 Kristin J. Forbes How Do Large Depreciations Affect Firm Performance?
9096 Jagadeesh Gokhale
Laurence J. Kotlikoff
Alexi Sluchynsky
Does It Pay to Work?
9097 Peter A. Diamond
Peter R. Orszag
An Assessment of the Proposals of the President's Commission to Strengthen Social Security
9098 Janet Currie
Mark Stabile
Socioeconomic Status and Health: Why is the Relationship Stronger for Older Children?
9099 Robert A. Pollak An Intergenerational Model of Domestic Violence
9100 Hali J. Edison
Michael W. Klein
Luca Ricci
Torsten Sloek
Capital Account Liberalization and Economic Performance: Survey and Synthesis
9101 Kenneth A. Froot
Tarun Ramadorai
Currency Returns, Institutional Investor Flows, and Exchange Rate Fundamentals
9102 Gary Gorton
Lixin Huang
Bank Panics and the Endogeneity of Central Banking
9103 Jun Liu
Francis A. Longstaff
Jun Pan
Dynamic Asset Allocation With Event Risk
9104 Peter Howitt
David Mayer-Foulkes
R&D, Implementation and Stagnation: A Schumpeterian Theory of Convergence Clubs
9105 Merle Erickson
Austan Goolsbee
Edward Maydew
How Prevalent is Tax Arbitrage? Evidence from the Market for Municipal Bonds
9106 William Easterly
Ross Levine
Tropics, Germs, and Crops: How Endowments Influence Economic Development
9107 Lucian Bebchuk
Alma Cohen
Firms' Decisions Where to Incorporate
9108 Enrico Moretti Estimating the Social Return to Higher Education: Evidence From Longitudinal and Repeated Cross-Sectional Data
9109 Edward P. Lazear Entrepreneurship
9110 Sandra E. Black
Elizabeth Brainerd
Importing Equality? The Impact of Globalization on Gender Discrimination
9111 Arik Ben Dor
Ravi Jagannathan
Understanding Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund Styles Using Return Based Style Analysis
9112 Gilles Duranton
Diego Puga
From Sectoral to Functional Urban Specialization
9113 Jeffrey R. Campbell
Hugo A. Hopenhayn
Market Size Matters
9114 Suzanne Scotchmer The Political Economy of Intellectual Property Treaties
9115 Mihir A. Desai
C. Fritz Foley
James R. Hines Jr.
International Joint Ventures and the Boundaries of the Firm
9116 William Goetzmann
Jonathan Ingersoll
Matthew I. Spiegel
Ivo Welch
Sharpening Sharpe Ratios
9117 Margaret McMillan
Dani Rodrik
Karen Horn Welch
When Economic Reform Goes Wrong: Cashews in Mozambique
9118 Maurice Obstfeld Exchange Rates and Adjustment: Perspectives from the New Open Economy Macroeconomics
9119 Wayne B. Gray
John Mendeloff
The Declining Effects of OSHA Inspections on Manufacturing Injuries: 1979 to 1998
9120 Lucia Foster
John Haltiwanger
C.J. Krizan
The Link Between Aggregate and Micro Productivity Growth: Evidence from Retail Trade
9121 Diego Puga
Daniel Trefler
Knowledge Creation and Control in Organizations
9122 Robert E. Lipsey
Zadia Feliciano
Foreign Entry into U.S. Manufacturing by Takeovers and the Creation of New Firms
9123 David W. Galenson
Robert Jensen
Careers and Canvases: The Rise of the Market for Modern Art in the Nineteenth Century
9124 Daron Acemoglu
Simon Johnson
James Robinson
Institutional Causes, Macroeconomic Symptoms: Volatility, Crises, and Growth
9125 Wayne B. Gray
Ronald J. Shadbegian
'Optimal' Pollution Abatement - Whose Benefits Matter, and How Much?
9126 Roberta Romano Does Confidential Proxy Voting Matter?
9127 James H. Stock
Mark W. Watson
Has the Business Cycle Changed and Why?
9128 James Banks
Richard Blundell
James P. Smith
Wealth Portfolios in the UK and the US
9129 Dani Rodrik Feasible Globalizations
9130 Dahlia K. Remler
Sherry A. Glied
Modeling Health Insurance Expansions: Effects of
9131 Nellie Liang
Scott Weisbenner
Investor Behavior and the Purchase of Company Stock in 401(k) Plans - The Importance of Plan Design
9132 Alan J. Auerbach
Kevin Hassett
Optimal Long-Run Fiscal Policy: Constraints, Preferences and the Resolution of Uncertainty
9133 Derek Neal The Measured Black-White Wage Gap Among Women is Too Small
9134 Sharun Mukand
Dani Rodrik
In Search of the Holy Grail: Policy Convergence, Experimentation, and Economic Performance
9135 Melvin Stephens Jr. "3rd of tha Month": Do Social Security Recipients Smooth Consumption Between Checks?
9136 Mustafa H. Babiker
Gilbert E. Metcalf
John Reilly
Tax Distortions and Global Climate Policy
9137 Gary Gorton
Lixin Huang
Banking Panics and the Origin of Central Banking
9138 Ross Levine Bank-Based or Market-Based Financial Systems: Which is Better?
9139 Frank R. Lichtenberg The Effect of Changes in Drug Utilization on Labor Supply and Per Capita Output
9140 Michael D. Hurd
James P. Smith
Julie M. Zissimopoulos
The Effects of Subjective Survival on Retirement and Social Security Claiming
9141 Austan Goolsbee The Impact and Inefficiency of the Corporate Income Tax: Evidence from State Organizational Form Data
9142 Michael D. Hurd
James P. Smith
Expected Bequests and Their Distribution
9143 Wayne E. Ferson
Sergei Sarkissian
Timothy Simin
Spurious Regressions in Financial Economics?
9144 Jean Marie Abraham
William B. Vogt
Martin S. Gaynor
Household Demand for Employer-Based Health Insurance
9145 Vincent Hogan
Roberto Rigobon
Using Heteroscedasticity to Estimate the Returns to Education
9146 Josh Lerner
Antoinette Schoar
The Illiquidity Puzzle: Theory and Evidence from Private Equity
9147 Larry Neal
Marc Weidenmier
Crises in the Global Economy from Tulips to Today: Contagion and Consequences
9148 Jonathan Gruber
Jeffrey Kubik
Health Insurance Coverage and the Disability Insurance Application Decision
9149 David Galenson The New York School vs. the School of Paris: Who Really Made the Most Important Art After World War II?
9150 Edward L. Glaeser
Jose Scheinkman
Andrei Shleifer
The Injustice of Inequality
9151 Gautam Gowrisankaran
Thomas J. Holmes
Do Mergers Lead to Monopoly in the Long Run? Results from the Dominant Firm Model
9152 Sarah E. West
Roberton C. Williams III
Estimates from a Consumer Demand System: Implications for the Incidence of Environmental Taxes
9153 Edward L. Glaeser
Bruce I. Sacerdote
Jose A. Scheinkman
The Social Multiplier
9154 Joshua Aizenman
Nancy P. Marion
International Reserve Holdings With Sovereign Risk and Costly Tax Collection
9155 John Bound
Julie Berry Cullen
Austin Nichols
Lucie Schmidt
The Welfare Implications of Increasing Disability Insurance Benefit Generosity
9156 Oren Bar-Gill
Michal Barzuza
Lucian Bebchuk
The Market for Corporate Law
9157 Kathleen Carey
Does Managerial 'Outsourcing' Reduce Expense Avi Dor Preference Behavior? A Comparison of Adapters and Non-Adapters of Contract-Management in U.S. Hospitals
9158 Gary Gorton
Lixin Huang
Liquidity, Efficiency and Bank Bailouts
9159 Timothy J. Hatton
Jeffrey G. Williamson
What Fundamentals Drive World Migration?
9160 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka
A Brazilian Debt-Crisis
9161 Jeffrey G. Williamson Winners and Losers Over Two Centuries of Globalization
9162 Keith Head
John Ries
Barbara J. Spencer
Vertical Networks and U.S. Auto Parts Exports: Is Japan Different?
9163 Jaume Ventura Towards a Theory of Current Accounts
9164 Hali J. Edison
Ross Levine
Luca Ricci
Torsten Sløk
International Financial Integration and Economic Growth
9165 Rafael Di Tella
Raymond Fisman
Are Politicians Really Paid Like Bureaucrats?
9166 John F. Cogan
Olivia S. Mitchell
The Role of Economic Policy in Social Security Reform: Perspectives from the President's Commission
9167 Melissa A. Thomasson Did Blue Cross and Blue Shield Suffer from Adverse Selection? Evidence from the 1950s
9168 Robert Moffitt Welfare Programs and Labor Supply
9169 Huiwen Lai
Daniel Trefler
The Gains from Trade with Monopolistic Competition: Specification, Estimation, and Mis-Specification
9170 Andrew B. Bernard
J. Bradford Jensen
Peter K. Schott
Survival of the Best Fit: Competition from Low Wage Countries and the (Uneven) Growth of US Manufacturing Plants
9171 Edward L. Glaeser The Political Economy of Hatred
9172 H. Naci Mocan
Benjamin Scafidi
Erdal Tekin
Catholic Schools and Bad Behavior
9173 Jonathan Katz Nelson
Richard J. Zeckhauser
A Renaissance Instrument to Support Nonprofits: The Sale of Private Chapels in Florentine Churches
9174 John C. Driscoll
Steinar Holden
Coordination, Fair Treatment and Inflation Persistence
9175 Josh Lerner
Jean Tirole
Efficient Patent Pools
9176 Kerry A. Odell
Marc D. Weidenmier
Real Shock, Monetary Aftershock: The San-Francisco Earthquake and the Panic of 1907
9177 Amir Dembo
Jean-Deominique Deuschel
Darrell Duffie
Large Portfolio Losses
9178 John H. Cochrane
Monika Piazzesi
Bond Risk Premia
9179 Antonio Rangel How to Protect Future Generations Using Tax Base Restrictions
9180 Sean P. Corcoran
William N. Evans
Robert S. Schwab
Changing Labor Market Opportunities for Women and the Quality of Teachers 1957-1992
9181 Michael A. Clemens
Jeffrey G. Williamson
Why Did the Tariff-Growth Correlation Reverse After 1950?
9182 Joshua L. Rosenbloom Path Dependence and the Origins of Cotton Textile Manufacturing in New England
9183 Alan L. Gustman
Thomas L. Steinmeier
The Social Security Early Entitlement Age in a Structural Model of Retirement and Wealth
9184 Lisandro Abrego
John Whalley
Decomposing Wage Inequality Change Using General Equilibrium Models
9185 Adriana Lleras-Muney
Frank R. Lichtenberg
The Effect of Education on Medical Technology Adoption: Are the More Educated More Likely to Use New Drugs
9186 Wojciech Kopczuk
Joel Slemrod
Shlomo Yitzhaki
Why World Distribution Fails
9187 Joel Slemrod Trust in Public Finance
9188 Wojciech Kopczuk The Trick is to Live: Is the Estate Tax Social Security for the Rich?
9189 Alessandra Casella Storable Votes
9190 Joshua Aizenman
Kenneth M. Kletzer
Brian Pinto
Sargent-Wallace Meets Krugman-Flood-Garber, or: Why Sovereign Debt Swaps Don't Avert Macroeconomic Crises
9191 Daron Acemoglu
Philippe Aghion
Fabrizio Zilibotti
Vertical Integration and Distance to Frontier
9192 Eric M. Leeper
Tao Zha
Modest Policy Interventions
9193 Kerwin Kofi Charles
Melvin Stephens Jr.
Abortion Legalization and Adolescent Substance Use
9194 James J. Heckman Flexibility and Job Creation: Lessons for Germany
9195 Marie-Eve Lanchance
Olivia S. Mitchell
Understanding Individual Account Guarantees
9196 Jonathan Parker
Bruce Preston
Precautionary Saving and Consumption Fluctuations
9197 Stephen E. Snyder
William N. Evans
The Impact of Income on Mortality: Evidence from the Social Security Notch
9198 William N. Evans
Julie H. Topoleski
The Social and Economic Impact of Native American Casinos
9199 Joseph Stiglitz
Jungyoll Yun
Integration of Unemployment Insurance with Retirement Insurance
9200 Joel Slemrod
Peter Katuscak
Do Trust and Trustworthiness Pay Off?
9201 Jeffrey A. Frankel
Andrew K. Rose
Is Trade Good or Bad for the Environment? Sorting Out the Causality
9202 Dirk Krueger
Fabrizio Perri
Does Income Inequality Lead to Consumption Inequality? Evidence and Theory
9203 Martin Feldstein The Role for Discretionary Fiscal Policy in a Low Interest Rate Environment
9204 Assaf Razin FDI Contribution to Capital Flows and Investment in Capacity
9205 Christopher Jepsen
Steven Rivkin
What is the Tradeoff Between Smaller Classes and Teacher Quality?
9206 Gautam Gowrisankaran
Robert Town
Competition, Payers, and Hospital Quality
9207 Patric H. Hendershott
Dr. Gwiliym Pryce
Dr. Michael White
Household Leverage and the Deductibility of Home Mortgage Interest: Evidence from UK House Purchasers
9208 Ghang-Tai Hsieh
Enrico Moretti
Can Frey Entry be Inefficient? Fixed Commissions and Social Waste in the Real Estate Industry
9209 Anna Aizer
Janet Currie
Networks or Neighborhoods? Correlations in the Use of Publicly-Funded Maternity Care in California
9210 Andrew B. Abel The Effects of a Baby Boom on Stock Prices and Capital Accumulation in the Presence of Social Security
9211 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka
A Brazilian Debt-Crisis Model
9212 Ajay Agrawal
Iain M. Cockburn
University Research, Industrial R&D, and the Anchor Tenant Hypothesis
9213 Anne Case
Christina Paxson
Joseph Ableidinger
Orphans in Africa
9214 Patric H. Hendershott
Charles W.R. Ward
Valuing and Pricing Retail Leases with Renewal and Overage Options
9215 Darius Lakdawalla
George Zanjani
Insurance, Self-Protection, and the Economics of Terrorism
9216 Robert Kaestner
Michael Grossman
Sara Markowitz
Get High and Get Stupid: The Effect of Alcohol and Marijuana Use on Tees Sexual Behavior
9217 Lior Menzly
Tano Santos
Pietro Veronesi
The Time Series of the Cross Section of Asset Prices
9218 Bennett T. McCallum Consistent Expectation, Rational Expectations, Multiple- Solution Indeterminacies, and Least-Squares Learnability
9219 Aaron Tornell
Frank Westermann
Boom-Bust Cycles in Middle Income Countries: Facts and Explanation
9220 Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe
Martin Uribe
Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy Under Sticky Prices
9221 Martin Uribe A Fiscal Theory of Sovereign Risk
9222 Nicholas Barberis
Richard Thaler
A Survey of Behavioral Finance
9223 Enrico Spolaore
Romain Wacziarg
Borders and Growth
9224 Mihir A. Desai
C. Fritz Foley
James R. Hines Jr.
Chains of Ownership, Regional Tax Competition, and Foreign Direct Investment
9225 Peter Cappelli Why Do Employers Pay For College?
9226 William M. Gentry
R. Glenn Hubbard
The Effects of Progressive Income Taxation on Job Turnover
9227 Bruce Sacerdote Slavery and the Intergenerational Tranmission of Human Capital
9228 David M. Linsenmeier
Harvey S. Rosen
Cecilia Elena Rouse
Financial Aid Packages and College Enrollment Decisions: An Econometric Case Study
Technical Papers
278 George Hall
John Rust
Econometric Methods for Endogenously Sampled Time Series: The Case of Commodity Price Speculation in the Steel Market
279 Torben G. Andersen
Tim Bollerslev
Francis X. Diebold
Parametric and Nonparametric Volatility Measurement
280 Susan Athey
Guido W. Imbens
Identification and Inference in Nonlinear Difference-In- Difference Models

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