Working Papers on Pandemic-Related Research
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Released on October 19, 2020

How Did Depositors Respond to COVID-19?

Ross Levine, Chen Lin, Mingzhu Tai, Wensi Xie
(NBER Working Paper 27964)

What Explains Temporal and Geographic Variation in the Early US Coronavirus Pandemic?

Hunt Allcott, Levi Boxell, Jacob C. Conway, Billy A. Ferguson, Matthew Gentzkow, Benny Goldman
(NBER Working Paper 27965)

Post COVID-19 Exit Strategies and Emerging Markets Economic Challenges

Joshua Aizenman, Hiro Ito
(NBER Working Paper 27966)

Civil Liberties in Times of Crisis

Joshua Aizenman, Hiro Ito
(NBER Working Paper 27972)

Released on October 12, 2020

Covid-19 and the U.S. Safety Net

Robert A. Moffitt, James P. Ziliak
(NBER Working Paper 27911)

Temporary Unemployment and Labor Market Dynamics During the COVID-19 Recession

Jessica Gallant, Kory Kroft, Fabian Lange, Matthew J. Notowidigdo
(NBER Working Paper 27924)

Capital Flows in Risky Times: Risk-on/Risk-off and Emerging Market Tail Risk

Anusha Chari, Karlye Dilts Stedman, Christian Lundblad
(NBER Working Paper 27927)

Did COVID-19 Market Disruptions Disrupt Food Security? Evidence from Households in Rural Liberia and Malawi

Shilpa Aggarwal, Dahyeon Jeong, Naresh Kumar, David Sungho Park, Jonathan Robinson, Alan Spearot
(NBER Working Paper 27932)

Powering Work from Home

Steve Cicala
(NBER Working Paper 27937)

A Theory of Voluntary Testing and Self-isolation in an Ongoing Pandemic

Thomas F. Hellmann, Veikko Thiele
(NBER Working Paper 27941)

Bank Liquidity Provision Across the Firm Size Distribution

Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, Olivier Darmouni, Stephan Luck, Matthew C. Plosser
(NBER Working Paper 27945)

Released on October 5, 2020

The Distribution of COVID-19 Related Risks

Patrick Baylis, Pierre-Loup Beauregard, Marie Connolly, Nicole Fortin, David A. Green, Pablo Gutierrez Cubillos, Samuel S. Gyetvay, Catherine Haeck, Timea Laura Molnar, Gaëlle Simard-Duplain, Henry E. Siu, Maria teNyenhuis, Casey Warman
(NBER Working Paper 27881)

A Cost/Benefit Analysis of Clinical Trial Designs for COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates

Donald A. Berry, Scott Berry, Peter Hale, Leah Isakov, Andrew W. Lo, Kien Wei Siah, Chi Heem Wong
(NBER Working Paper 27882)

Renegotiation in Debt Chains

Vincent Glode, Christian Opp
(NBER Working Paper 27883)

Unemployed With Jobs and Without Jobs

Robert E. Hall, Marianna Kudlyak
(NBER Working Paper 27886)

Private Equity and COVID-19

Paul A. Gompers, Steven N. Kaplan, Vladimir Mukharlyamov
(NBER Working Paper 27889)

Face Masks, Public Policies and Slowing the Spread of COVID-19: Evidence from Canada

Alexander Karaivanov, Shih En Lu, Hitoshi Shigeoka, Cong Chen, Stephanie Pamplona
(NBER Working Paper 27891)

Discovering Treatment Effectiveness via Median Treatment Effects—Applications to COVID-19 Clinical Trials

John Mullahy
(NBER Working Paper 27895)

Monetary Policy Cooperation/Coordination and Global Financial Crises in Historical Perspective

Michael D. Bordo
(NBER Working Paper 27898)

Emerging Markets Sovereign Spreads and Country-Specific Fundamentals During COVID-19

Timo Daehler, Joshua Aizenman, Yothin Jinjarak
(NBER Working Paper 27903)

Flight to Safety: How Economic Downturns Affect Talent Flows to Startups

Shai Bernstein, Richard R. Townsend, Ting Xu
(NBER Working Paper 27907)

Who Should Work from Home during a Pandemic? The Wage-Infection Trade-off

Sangmin Aum, Sang Yoon (Tim) Lee, Yongseok Shin
(NBER Working Paper 27908)

Released on September 28, 2020

COVID-19 and SME Failures

Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, Ṣebnem Kalemli-Özcan, Veronika Penciakova, Nick Sander
(NBER Working Paper 27877)

Modeling the Consumption Response to the CARES Act

Christopher D. Carroll, Edmund Crawley, Jiri Slacalek, Matthew N. White
(NBER Working Paper 27876)

Firm-Level Risk Exposures and Stock Returns in the Wake of COVID-19

Steven J. Davis, Stephen Hansen, Cristhian Seminario-Amez
(NBER Working Paper 27867)

Retail Raw: Wisdom of the Robinhood Crowd and the Covid Crisis

Ivo Welch
(NBER Working Paper 27866)

COVID-19 Changed Tastes for Safety-Net Programs

John D'Attoma, Amedeo Piolatto, Alex Rees-Jones, Luca Salvadori
(NBER Working Paper 27865)

A Counterfactual Economic Analysis of Covid-19 Using a Threshold Augmented Multi-Country Model

Alexander Chudik, Kamiar Mohaddes, M. Hashem Pesaran, Medhi Raissi, Alessandro Rebucci
(NBER Working Paper 27855)

Released on September 21, 2020

Venture Capitalists and COVID-19

Paul Gompers, Will Gornall, Steven N. Kaplan, Ilya A. Strebulaev
(NBER Working Paper 27824)

Pandemics, Vaccines and Corporate Earnings

Harrison Hong, Jeffrey Kubik, Neng Wang, Xiao Xu, Jinqiang Yang
(NBER Working Paper 27829)

The Effects of COVID-19 on U.S. Small Businesses: Evidence from Owners, Managers, and Employees

Georgij Alekseev, Safaa Amer, Manasa Gopal, Theresa Kuchler, JW Schneider, Johannes Stroebel, Nils C. Wernerfelt
(NBER Working Paper 27833)

Globalization and Pandemics

Pol Antràs, Stephen J. Redding, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
(NBER Working Paper 27840)

Pandemics Through the Lens of Occupations

Anand Chopra, Michael B. Devereux, Amartya Lahiri
(NBER Working Paper 27841)

Released on September 14, 2020

Disease, Downturns, and Wellbeing: Economic History and the Long-Run Impacts of COVID-19

Vellore Arthi, John Parman
(NBER Working Paper 27805)

The Fed Takes on Corporate Credit Risk: An Analysis of the Efficacy of the SMCCF

Simon Gilchrist, Bin Wei, Vivian Z. Yue, Egon Zakrajšek
(NBER Working Paper 27809)

The Contagion Externality of a Superspreading Event: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and COVID-19

Dhaval M. Dave, Andrew I. Friedson, Drew McNichols, Joseph J. Sabia
(NBER Working Paper 27813)

Do Black and Indigenous Communities Receive their Fair Share of Vaccines Under the 2018 CDC Guidelines?

Parag A. Pathak, Harald Schmidt, Adam Solomon, Edwin Song, Tayfun Sönmez, M. Utku Ünver
(NBER Working Paper 27817)

Released on September 7, 2020

Effective Demand Failures and the Limits of Monetary Stabilization Policy

Michael Woodford
(NBER Working Paper 27768)

The Long-Term Distributional and Welfare Effects of Covid-19 School Closures

Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Dirk Krueger, Alexander Ludwig, Irina Popova
(NBER Working Paper 27773)

Rugged Individualism and Collective (In)action During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Samuel Bazzi, Martin Fiszbein, Mesay Gebresilasse
(NBER Working Paper 27776)

Test Sensitivity for Infection versus Infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2

Joshua S. Gans
(NBER Working Paper 27780)

What Explains the COVID-19 Stock Market?

Josue Cox, Daniel L. Greenwald, Sydney C. Ludvigson
(NBER Working Paper 27784)

Clean Air as an Experience Good in Urban China

Matthew E. Kahn, Weizeng Sun, Siqi Zheng
(NBER Working Paper 27790)

Who are the Essential and Frontline Workers?

Francine D. Blau, Josefine Koebe, Pamela A. Meyerhofer
(NBER Working Paper 27791)

Who's In and Who's Out under Workplace COVID Symptom Screening?

Krista J. Ruffini, Aaron Sojourner, Abigail K. Wozniak
(NBER Working Paper 27792)

The Great Lockdown and the Big Stimulus: Tracing the Pandemic Possibility Frontier for the US

Greg Kaplan, Benjamin Moll, Giovanni L. Violante
(NBER Working Paper 27794)

The Social Safety Net in the Wake of COVID-19

Marianne Bitler, Hilary W. Hoynes, Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach
(NBER Working Paper 27796)

Released on August 31, 2020

Who Profits From Amateurism? Rent-Sharing in Modern College Sports

Craig Garthwaite, Jordan Keener, Matthew J. Notowidigdo, Nicole F. Ozminkowski
(NBER Working Paper 27734)

Pandemic Control in ECON-EPI Networks

Marina Azzimonti, Fabrizio Perri, Alessandra Fogli, Mark Ponder
(NBER Working Paper 27741)

Optimal Management of a Pandemic in the Short Run and the Long Run

Andrew B. Abel, Stavros Panageas
(NBER Working Paper 27742)

Limitations on the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Forward Guidance in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Andrew T. Levin, Arunima Sinha
(NBER Working Paper 27748)

Remote Work and the Heterogeneous Impact of COVID-19 on Employment and Health

Manuela Angelucci, Marco Angrisani, Daniel M. Bennett, Arie Kapteyn, Simone G. Schaner
(NBER Working Paper 27749)

Modern Infectious Diseases: Macroeconomic Impacts and Policy Responses

David E. Bloom, Michael Kuhn, Klaus Prettner
(NBER Working Paper 27757)

Is the Cure Worse than the Disease? County-Level Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States

Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Neeraj Kaushal, Ashley N. Muchow
(NBER Working Paper 27759)

Released on August 24, 2020

Monetary Policy and Asset Price Overshooting: A Rationale for the Wall/Main Street Disconnect

Ricardo J. Caballero, Alp Simsek
(NBER Working Paper 27712)

Four Stylized Facts about COVID-19

Andrew Atkeson, Karen Kopecky, Tao Zha
(NBER Working Paper 27719)

On Socializing and Social Distancing in Markets: Implications for Retail Prices, Store-level Consumer Density, and Disease Transmission

Ricardo Lagos
(NBER Working Paper 27724)

Dynamic Trade-offs and Labor Supply Under the CARES Act

Corina Boar, Simon Mongey
(NBER Working Paper 27727)

Income and Poverty in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jeehoon Han, Bruce D. Meyer, James X. Sullivan
(NBER Working Paper 27729)

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Released on August 17, 2020

COVID-19 and Crime: Effects of Stay-at-Home Orders on Domestic Violence

Lindsey Rose Bullinger, Jillian B. Carr, Analisa Packham
(NBER Working Paper 27667)

The 1918 Influenza Pandemic and its Lessons for COVID-19

Brian Beach, Karen Clay, Martin H. Saavedra
(NBER Working Paper 27673)

Social Learning along International Migrant Networks

Yuan Tian, Maria Esther Caballero, Brian K. Kovak
(NBER Working Paper 27679)

How Did U.S. Consumers Use Their Stimulus Payments?

Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Michael Weber
(NBER Working Paper 27693)

Decoding India's Low Covid-19 Case Fatality rate

Minu Philip, Debraj Ray, S. Subramanian
(NBER Working Paper 27696)

The International Aspects of Macroprudential Policy

Kristin J. Forbes
(NBER Working Paper 27698)

Measuring Customer Churn and Interconnectedness

Scott R. Baker, Brian Baugh, Marco C. Sammon
(NBER Working Paper 27707)

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Released on August 10, 2020

The Effect of Fiscal Stimulus: Evidence from COVID-19

Miguel Garza Casado, Britta Glennon, Julia Lane, David McQuown, Daniel Rich, Bruce A. Weinberg
(NBER Working Paper 27576)

Norwegian and US Policies Alleviate Business Vulnerability Due to the Covid-19 Shock Equally Well

Annette Alstadsæter, Julie Brun Bjørkheim, Wojciech Kopczuk, Andreas Økland
(NBER Working Paper 27637)

Learning from Deregulation: The Asymmetric Impact of Lockdown and Reopening on Risky Behavior During COVID-19

Edward L. Glaeser, Ginger Zhe Jin, Benjamin T. Leyden, Michael Luca
(NBER Working Paper 27650)

Does FinTech Substitute for Banks? Evidence from the Paycheck Protection Program

Isil Erel, Jack Liebersohn
(NBER Working Paper 27659)

This Time It's Different: The Role of Women's Employment in a Pandemic Recession

Titan M. Alon, Matthias Doepke, Jane Olmstead-Rumsey, Michèle Tertilt
(NBER Working Paper 27660)

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Released on August 3, 2020

The Risk of Being a Fallen Angel and the Corporate Dash for Cash in the Midst of COVID

Viral V. Acharya, Sascha Steffen
(NBER Working Paper 27601)

COVID-19 Prevention and Air Pollution in the Absence of a Lockdown

Hung-Hao Chang, Chad Meyerhoefer, Feng-An Yang
(NBER Working Paper 27604)

Nursing Home Staff Networks and COVID-19

M. Keith Chen, Judith A. Chevalier, Elisa F. Long
(NBER Working Paper 27608)

Collaborating During Coronavirus: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Nature of Work

Evan DeFilippis, Stephen Michael Impink, Madison Singell, Jeffrey T. Polzer, Raffaella Sadun
(NBER Working Paper 27612)

Measuring the labor market at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis

Alexander W. Bartik, Marianne Bertrand, Feng Lin, Jesse Rothstein, Matt Unrath
(NBER Working Paper 27613)

Initial Impacts of the Pandemic on Consumer Behavior: Evidence from Linked Income, Spending, and Savings Data

Natalie Bachas, Peter Ganong, Pascal J. Noel, Joseph S. Vavra, Arlene Wong, Diana Farrell, Fiona E. Greig
(NBER Working Paper 27617)

Effects of State COVID-19 Closure Policy on NON-COVID-19 Health Care Utilization

Engy Ziedan, Kosali I. Simon, Coady Wing
(NBER Working Paper 27621)

The Targeting and Impact of Paycheck Protection Program Loans to Small Businesses

Alexander W. Bartik, Zoe B. Cullen, Edward L. Glaeser, Michael Luca, Christopher T. Stanton, Adi Sunderam
(NBER Working Paper 27623)

Information Frictions and Access to the Paycheck Protection Program

Christopher Neilson, John Eric. Humphries, Gabriel Ulyssea
(NBER Working Paper 27624)

Small Business Survival Capabilities and Policy Effectiveness: Evidence from Oakland

Robert P. Bartlett III, Adair Morse
(NBER Working Paper 27629)

The Economic Consequences of R̂ = 1: Towards a Workable Behavioral Epidemiological Model of Pandemics

Joshua S. Gans
(NBER Working Paper 27632)

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Released on July 27, 2020

Learning Epidemiology by Doing: The Empirical Implications of a Spatial-SIR Model with Behavioral Responses

Alberto Bisin, Andrea Moro
(NBER Working Paper 27590)

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in COVID-19: Evidence from Six Large Cities

Joseph A. Benitez, Charles J. Courtemanche, Aaron Yelowitz
(NBER Working Paper 27592)

Assessing the Age Specificity of Infection Fatality Rates for COVID-19: Meta-Analysis & Public Policy Implications

Andrew T. Levin, Kensington B. Cochran, Seamus P. Walsh
(NBER Working Paper 27597)

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Released on July 20, 2020

Adaptive Control of COVID-19 Outbreaks in India: Local, Gradual, and Trigger-based Exit Paths from Lockdown

Anup Malani, Satej Soman, Sam Asher, Paul Novosad, Clement Imbert, Vaidehi Tandel, Anish Agarwal, Abdullah Alomar, Arnab Sarker, Devavrat Shah, Dennis Shen, Jonathan Gruber, Stuti Sachdeva, David Kaiser, Luis M.A. Bettencourt
(NBER Working Paper 27532)

Inequality and the Coronavirus: Socioeconomic Covariates of Behavioral Responses and Viral Outcomes Across US Counties

Caitlin S. Brown, Martin Ravallion
(NBER Working Paper 27549)

Federal Aid to School Districts During the COVID-19 Recession

Nora E. Gordon, Sarah J. Reber
(NBER Working Paper 27550)

Mutual Fund Performance and Flows During the COVID-19 Crisis

Lubos Pastor, M. Blair Vorsatz
(NBER Working Paper 27551)

Inequality in Household Adaptation to Schooling Shocks: Covid-Induced Online Learning Engagement in Real Time

Andrew Bacher-Hicks, Joshua Goodman, Christine Mulhern
(NBER Working Paper 27555)

Financial Fragility in the COVID-19 Crisis: The Case of Investment Funds in Corporate Bond Markets

Antonio Falato, Itay Goldstein, Ali Hortaçsu
(NBER Working Paper 27559)

Measuring Movement and Social Contact with Smartphone Data: A Real-Time Application to COVID-19

Victor Couture, Jonathan I. Dingel, Allison E. Green, Jessie Handbury, Kevin R. Williams
(NBER Working Paper 27560)

Unintended Consequences of Lockdowns: COVID-19 and the Shadow Pandemic

Saravana Ravindran, Manisha Shah
(NBER Working Paper 27562)

Projecting Unemployment Durations: A Factor-Flows Simulation Approach With Application to the COVID-19 Recession

Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, John Coglianese
(NBER Working Paper 27566)

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Released on July 13, 2020

COVID-19 and Implications for Automation

Alex W. Chernoff, Casey Warman
(NBER Working Paper 27249)

Messages on COVID-19 Prevention in India Increased Symptoms Reporting and Adherence to Preventive Behaviors Among 25 Million Recipients with Similar Effects on Non-recipient Members of Their Communities

Abhijit Banerjee, Marcella Alsan, Emily Breza, Arun G. Chandrasekhar, Abhijit Chowdhury, Esther Duflo, Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Benjamin A. Olken
(NBER Working Paper 27496)

Electoral Concerns Reduce Restrictive Measures During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Massimo Pulejo, Pablo Querubín
(NBER Working Paper 27498)

Natural Disasters and Elective Medical Services: How Big is the Bounce-Back

Tatyana Deryugina, Jonathan Gruber, Adrienne Sabety
(NBER Working Paper 27505)

How Much does COVID-19 Increase with Mobility? Evidence from New York and Four Other U.S. Cities

Edward L. Glaeser, Caitlin S. Gorback, Stephen J. Redding
(NBER Working Paper 27519)

Large Indoor Events, Offsetting Community Effects, and COVID-19: Evidence from President Trump’s Tulsa Rally

Dhaval M. Dave, Andrew I. Friedson, Kyutaro Matsuzawa, Drew McNichols, Connor Redpath, Joseph J. Sabia
(NBER Working Paper 27522)

Identification and Estimation of Undetected COVID-19 Cases Using Testing Data from Iceland

Karl Aspelund, Michael C. Droste, James H. Stock, Christopher D. Walker
(NBER Working Paper 27528)

Private Precaution and Public Restrictions: What Drives Social Distancing and Industry Foot Traffic in the COVID-19 Era?

Christopher J. Cronin, William N. Evans
(NBER Working Paper 27531)

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Released on July 6, 2020

Group Testing in a Pandemic: The Role of Frequent Testing, Correlated Risk, and Machine Learning

Ned Augenblick, Jonathan T. Kolstad, Ziad Obermeyer, Ao Wang
(NBER Working Paper 27457)

The Determinants of Fiscal and Monetary Policies During the Covid-19 Crisis

Efraim Benmelech, Nitzan Tzur-Ilan
(NBER Working Paper 27461)

The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Business Owners: Continued Losses and the Partial Rebound in May 2020

Robert W. Fairlie
(NBER Working Paper 27462)

Real-Time Real Economic Activity: Exiting the Great Recession and Entering the Pandemic Recession

Robert W. Fairlie
(NBER Working Paper 27482)

Testing, Voluntary Social Distancing and the Spread of an Infection

Robert W. Fairlie
(NBER Working Paper 27483)

Older People are Less Pessimistic about the Health Risks of Covid-19

Pedro Bordalo, Katherine B. Coffman, Nicola Gennaioli, Andrei Shleifer
(NBER Working Paper 27494)

Business in a Time of Spanish Influenza

Howard Bodenhorn
(NBER Working Paper 27495)

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Released on June 29, 2020

Back to Business and (Re)employing Workers? Labor Market Activity During State COVID-19 Reopenings

Wei Cheng, Patrick Carlin, Joanna Carroll, Sumedha Gupta, Felipe Lozano Rojas, Laura Montenovo, Thuy D. Nguyen, Ian M. Schmutte, Olga Scrivner, Kosali I. Simon, Bruce Weinberg, Coady Wing
(NBER Working Paper 27419)

What Jobs are Being Done at Home During the Covid-19 Crisis? Evidence from Firm-Level Surveys

Alexander W. Bartik, Zoe B. Cullen, Edward L. Glaeser, Michael Luca, Christopher T. Stanton
(NBER Working Paper 27422)

Implications of the Covid-19 Pandemic for State Government Tax Revenues

Jeffrey Clemens, Stan Veuger
(NBER Working Paper 27426)

COVID-19 and the Demand for Online Food Shopping Services: Empirical Evidence from Taiwan

Hung-Hao Chang, Chad Meyerhoefer
(NBER Working Paper 27427)

Epidemics in the Neoclassical and New Keynesian Models

Martin S. Eichenbaum, Sergio Rebelo, Mathias Trabandt
(NBER Working Paper 27430)

How Did COVID-19 and Stabilization Policies Affect Spending and Employment? A New Real-Time Economic Tracker Based on Private Sector Data

Raj Chetty, John N. Friedman, Nathaniel Hendren, Michael Stepner, The Opportunity Insights Team
(NBER Working Paper 27431)

Fear, Lockdown, and Diversion: Comparing Drivers of Pandemic Economic Decline 2020

Austan Goolsbee, Chad Syverson
(NBER Working Paper 27432)

Portfolio Delegation and 401(k) Plan Participant Responses to COVID-19

David Blanchett, Michael S. Finke, Jonathan Reuter
(NBER Working Paper 27438)

Scarring Body and Mind: The Long-Term Belief-Scarring Effects of COVID-19

Julian Kozlowski, Laura Veldkamp, Venky Venkateswaran
(NBER Working Paper 27439)

Optimal Lockdown in a Commuting Network

Pablo Fajgelbaum, Amit Khandelwal, Wookun Kim, Cristiano Mantovani, Edouard Schaal
(NBER Working Paper 27441)

Early Evidence on the Impact of COVID-19 and the Recession on Older Workers

Truc Thi Mai Bui, Patrick Button, Elyce G. Picciotti
(NBER Working Paper 27448)

Pandemic Shocks and Fiscal-Monetary Policies in the Eurozone: COVID-19 Dominance During January - June 2020

Yothin Jinjarak, Rashad Ahmed, Sameer Nair-Desai, Weining Xin, Joshua Aizenman
(NBER Working Paper 27451)

Released on June 22, 2020

The Effectiveness of Life-Preserving Investments in Times of COVID-19

Jules H. van Binsbergen, Christian C. Opp
(NBER Working Paper 27382)

Does Policy Communication During Covid Work?

Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Michael Weber
(NBER Working Paper 27384)

Coronavirus: Impact on Stock Prices and Growth Expectations

Niels J. Gormsen, Ralph S. J. Koijen
(NBER Working Paper 27387)

What Does and Does Not Correlate with COVID-19 Death Rates

Christopher R. Knittel, Bora Ozaltun
(NBER Working Paper 27391)

The Impact of COVID-19 on Student Experiences and Expectations: Evidence from a Survey

Esteban M. Aucejo, Jacob F. French, Maria Paola Ugalde Araya, Basit Zafar
(NBER Working Paper 27392)

Social Distancing and Social Capital: Why U.S. Counties Respond Differently to COVID-19

Wenzhi Ding, Ross Levine, Chen Lin, Wensi Xie
(NBER Working Paper 27393)

The Political Scar of Epidemics

Cevat Giray Aksoy, Barry Eichengreen, Orkun Saka
(NBER Working Paper 27401)

Racial Disparity in COVID-19 Deaths: Seeking Economic Roots with Census Data

John McLaren
(NBER Working Paper 27407)

Black Lives Matter Protests, Social Distancing, and COVID-19

Dhaval M. Dave, Andrew I. Friedson, Kyutaro Matsuzawa, Joseph J. Sabia, Samuel Safford
(NBER Working Paper 27408)

Treasury Inconvenience Yields during the COVID-19 Crisis

Zhiguo He, Stefan Nagel, Zhaogang Song
(NBER Working Paper 27416)

Misinformation During a Pandemic

Leonardo Bursztyn, Aakaash Rao, Christopher P. Roth, David H. Yanagizawa-Drott
(NBER Working Paper 27417)

Economic Uncertainty Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

David Altig, Scott R. Baker, Jose Maria Barrero, Nicholas Bloom, Philip Bunn, Scarlet Chen, Steven J. Davis, Julia Leather, Brent H. Meyer, Emil Mihaylov, Paul Mizen, Nicholas B. Parker, Thomas Renault, Pawel Smietanka, Greg Thwaites
(NBER Working Paper 27418)

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Released on June 15, 2020

COVID-19 and Remote Work: An Early Look at US Data

Erik Brynjolfsson, John J. Horton, Adam Ozimek, Daniel Rock, Garima Sharma, Hong-Yi TuYe
(NBER Working Paper 27344)

Inflation with Covid Consumption Baskets

Alberto Cavallo
(NBER Working Paper 27352)

Corporate Bond Liquidity During the COVID-19 Crisis

Mahyar Kargar, Benjamin Lester, David Lindsay, Shuo Liu, Pierre-Olivier Weill, Diego Zúñiga
(NBER Working Paper 27355)

Gender Differences in COVID-19 Related Attitudes and Behavior: Evidence from a Panel Survey in Eight OECD Countries

Vincenzo Galasso, Vincent Pons, Paola Profeta, Michael Becher, Sylvain Brouard, Martial Foucault
(NBER Working Paper 27359)

EMEs and COVID-19: Shutting Down in a World of Informal and Tiny Firms

Laura Alfaro, Oscar Becerra, Marcela Eslava
(NBER Working Paper 27360)

Business Re-Opening During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dylan Balla-Elliott, Zoë B. Cullen, Edward L. Glaeser, Michael Luca, Christopher T. Stanton
(NBER Working Paper 27362)

Fiscal Policy and COVID19 Restrictions in a Demand-Determined Economy

Alan J. Auerbach, Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Daniel Murphy
(NBER Working Paper 27366)

Implications of Heterogeneous SIR Models for Analyses of COVID-19

Glenn Ellison
(NBER Working Paper 27373)

Socioeconomic Network Heterogeneity and Pandemic Policy Response

Mohammad Akbarpour, Cody Cook, Aude Marzuoli, Simon Mongey, Abhishek Nagaraj, Matteo Saccarola, Pietro Tebaldi, Shoshana Vasserman, Hanbin Yang
(NBER Working Paper 27374)

Socio-Demographic Factors Associated with Self-Protecting Behavior during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Nicholas W. Papageorge, Matthew V. Zahn, Michèle Belot, Eline van den Broek-Altenburg, Syngjoo Choi, Julian C. Jamison, Egon Tripodi
(NBER Working Paper 27378)

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Released on June 8, 2020

Heterogeneous Actions, Beliefs, Constraints and Risk Tolerance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ying Fan,A. Yeşim Orhun, Dana Turjeman
(NBER Working Paper 27211)

Statistical Decision Properties of Imprecise Trials Assessing COVID-19 Drugs

Charles F. Manski, Aleksey Tetenov
(NBER Working Paper 27293)

Disparities in Vulnerability to Severe Complications from COVID-19 in the United States

Emily E. Wiemers, Scott Abrahams, Marwa AlFakhri, V. Joseph Hotz, Robert Schoeni, Judith Seltzer
(NBER Working Paper 27294)

Wall Street vs. Main Street QE

Eric R. Sims, Jing Cynthia Wu
(NBER Working Paper 27295)

The Impact of Covid-19 on Small Business Owners: Evidence of Early-Stage Losses from the April 2020 Current Population Survey

Robert W. Fairlie
(NBER Working Paper 27309)

Short-run Effects of COVID-19 on U.S. Worker Transitions

Benjamin W. Cowan
(NBER Working Paper 27315)

Civic Capital and Social Distancing during the Covid-19 Pandemic

John M. Barrios, Efraim Benmelech, Yael V. Hochberg, Paola Sapienza, Luigi Zingales
(NBER Working Paper 27320)

Did the Wisconsin Supreme Court Restart a COVID-19 Epidemic? Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Dhaval M. Dave, Andrew I. Friedson, Kyutaro Matsuzawa, Drew McNichols, Joseph J. Sabia
(NBER Working Paper 27322)

Understanding Spatial Variation in COVID-19 across the United States

Klaus Desmet, Romain Wacziarg
(NBER Working Paper 27329)

Working Remotely and the Supply-side Impact of Covid-19

Dimitris Papanikolaou, Lawrence D.W. Schmidt
(NBER Working Paper 27330)

Estimating and Forecasting Disease Scenarios for COVID-19 with an SIR Model

Andrew Atkeson, Karen Kopecky, Tao Zha
(NBER Working Paper 27335)

An Event Study of COVID-19 Central Bank Quantitative Easing in Advanced and Emerging Economies

Jonathan S. Hartley, Alessandro Rebucci
(NBER Working Paper 27339)

Trading Off Consumption and COVID-19 Deaths

Robert E. Hall, Charles I. Jones, Peter J. Klenow
(NBER Working Paper 27340)

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Released on June 1, 2020

Banks as Lenders of First Resort: Evidence from the COVID-19 Crisis

Lei Li, Philip E. Strahan, Song Zhang
(NBER Working Paper 27256)

Building Better Retirement Systems in the Wake of the Global Pandemic

Olivia S. Mitchell
(NBER Working Paper 27261)

COVID-19 Doesn't Need Lockdowns to Destroy Jobs: The Effect of Local Outbreaks in Korea

Sangmin Aum, Sang Yoon (Tim) Lee, Yongseok Shin
(NBER Working Paper 27264)

Inside the Mind of a Stock Market Crash

Stefano Giglio, Matteo Maggiori, Johannes Stroebel, Stephen Utkus
(NBER Working Paper 27272)

How Should Policy Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic Differ in the Developing World?

Titan M. Alon, Minki Kim, David Lagakos, Mitchell VanVuren
(NBER Working Paper 27273)

Deadly Debt Crises: COVID-19 in Emerging Markets

Cristina Arellano, Yan Bai, Gabriel P. Mihalache
(NBER Working Paper 27275)

Divided We Stay Home: Social Distancing and Ethnic Diversity

Georgy Egorov, Ruben Enikolopov, Alexey Makarin, Maria Petrova
(NBER Working Paper 27277)

Effects of Social Distancing Policy on Labor Market Outcomes

Sumedha Gupta, Laura Montenovo, Thuy D. Nguyen, Felipe Lozano Rojas, Ian M. Schmutte, Kosali I. Simon, Bruce A. Weinberg, Coady Wing
(NBER Working Paper 27280)

Nonlinear Production Networks with an Application to the Covid-19 Crisis

David Baqaee, Emmanuel Farhi
(NBER Working Paper 27281)

India's Lockdown: An Interim Report

Debraj Ray, S. Subramanian
(NBER Working Paper 27282)

Epidemic Responses Under Uncertainty

Michael D. Barnett, Greg Buchak, Constantine Yannelis
(NBER Working Paper 27289)

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Released on May 25, 2020

Can the World’s Poor Protect Themselves from the New Coronavirus

Caitlin S. Brown, Martin Ravallion, Dominique van de Walle
(NBER Working Paper 27200)

Can the Covid Bailouts Save the Economy?

Vadim Elenev, Tim Landvoigt, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
(NBER Working Paper 27207)

Corporate Hiring under COVID-19: Labor Market Concentration, Downskilling, and Income Inequality

Murillo Campello, Gaurav Kankanhalli, Pradeep Muthukrishnan
(NBER Working Paper 27208)

Financing Vaccines for Global Health Security

Jonathan T. Vu, Benjamin K. Kaplan, Shomesh Chaudhuri, Monique K. Mansoura, Andrew W. Lo
(NBER Working Paper 27212)

US Unemployment Insurance Replacement Rates During the Pandemic

Peter Ganong, Pascal J. Noel, Joseph S. Vavra
(NBER Working Paper 27216)

Implications of Stochastic Transmission Rates for Managing Covid-19 Risks

Harrison Hong, Neng Wang, Jinqiang Yang
(NBER Working Paper 27218)

The Cost of Privacy: Welfare Effect of the Disclosure of COVID-19 Cases

David O. Argente, Chang-Tai Hsieh, Munseob Lee
(NBER Working Paper 27220)

Global Supply Chains in the Pandemic

Barthélémy Bonadio, Zhen Huo, Andrei A. Levchenko, Nitya Pandalai-Nayar
(NBER Working Paper 27224)

Bounding the Predictive Values of COVID-19 Antibody Tests

Charles F. Manski
(NBER Working Paper 27226)

The Macroeconomics of a Pandemic: A Minimalist Model

Luis Cespedes, Roberto Chang, Andrés Velasco
(NBER Working Paper 27228)

Were Urban Cowboys Enough to Control COVID-19? Local Shelter-in-Place Orders and Coronavirus Case Growth

Dhaval M. Dave, Andrew I. Friedson, Kyutaro Matsuzawa, Joseph J. Sabia,
Samuel Safford
(NBER Working Paper 27229)

The Hammer and the Scalpel: On the Economics of Indiscriminate versus Targeted Isolation Policies during Pandemics

Varadarajan V. Chari, Rishabh Kirpalani, Christopher Phelan
(NBER Working Paper 27232)

Impacts of State Reopening Policy on Human Mobility

Thuy D. Nguyen, Sumedha Gupta, Martin Andersen, Ana Bento, Kosali I. Simon, Coady Wing
(NBER Working Paper 27235)

Mobility Zones

Ferdinando Monte
(NBER Working Paper 27236)

The Persuasive Effect of Fox News: Non-Compliance with Social Distancing During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Andrey Simonov, Szymon K. Sacher, Jean-Pierre H. Dubé, Shirsho Biswas
(NBER Working Paper 27237)

DEglobalizaion and Social Safety Nets in Post-Covid-19 Era: Textbook Macroeconomic Analysis

Assaf Razin, Efraim Sadka, Alexander Horst Schwemmer
(NBER Working Paper 27239)

The Adverse Effect of the COVID-19 Labor Market Shock on Immigrant Employment

George J. Borjas, Hugh Cassidy
(NBER Working Paper 27243)

Reopening Scenarios

David Baqaee, Emmanuel Farhi, Michael J. Mina, James H. Stock
(NBER Working Paper 27244)

Fatalism, Beliefs, and Behaviors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jesper Akesson, Sam Ashworth-Hayes, Robert Hahn, Robert D. Metcalfe, Itzhak Rasooly
(NBER Working Paper 27245)

The Impacts of COVID-19 on Minority Unemployment: First Evidence from April 2020 CPS Microdata

Robert W. Fairlie, Kenneth Couch, Huanan Xu
(NBER Working Paper 27246)

Panel Forecasts of Country-Level Covid-19 Infections

Laura Liu, Hyungsik Moon, Frank Schorfheide
(NBER Working Paper 27248)

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Released on May 18, 2020

Measuring Real Consumption and CPI Bias under Lockdown Conditions

W. Erwin Diewert, Kevin J. Fox
(NBER Working Paper 27144)

Supply and Demand in Disaggregated Keynesian Economies with an Application to the Covid-19 Crisis

David Baqaee, Emmanuel Farhi
(NBER Working Paper 27152)

The U.S. Labor Market during the Beginning of the Pandemic Recession

Tomaz Cajner, Leland D. Crane, Ryan A. Decker, John Grigsby, Adrian Hamins-Puertolas, Erik Hurst, Christopher Kurz, Ahu Yildirmaz
(NBER Working Paper 27159)

Earnings Expectations in the COVID Crisis

Augustin Landier, David Thesmar
(NBER Working Paper 27160)

Reopening Under COVID-19: What to Watch For

Jeffrey E. Harris
(NBER Working Paper 27166)

When Selling Becomes Viral: Disruptions in Debt Markets in the COVID-19 Crisis and the Fed’s Response

Valentin Haddad, Alan Moreira, Tyler Muir
(NBER Working Paper 27168)

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Outpatient Providers in the US

Pinka Chatterji, Yue Li
(NBER Working Paper 27173)

Bayesian Adaptive Clinical Trials for Anti-Infective Therapeutics during Epidemic Outbreaks

Qingyang Xu, Shomesh Chaudhuri, Danying Xiao, Andrew W. Lo
(NBER Working Paper 27175)

Estimating Probabilities of Success of Vaccine and Other Anti-Infective Therapeutic Development Programs

Andrew W. Lo, Kien Wei Siah, Chi Heem Wong
(NBER Working Paper 27176)

Accounting for Global COVID-19 Diffusion Patterns, January-April 2020

Yothin Jinjarak, Rashad Ahmed, Sameer Nair-Desai, Weining Xin, Joshua Aizenman
(NBER Working Paper 27185)

The Relationship between In-Person Voting, Consolidated Polling Locations, and Absentee Voting on Covid-19: Evidence from the Wisconsin Primary

Chad D. Cotti, Bryan Engelhardt, Joshua Foster, Erik T. Nesson, Paul S. Niekamp
(NBER Working Paper 27187)

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Released on May 11, 2020

The Macroeconomics of Testing and Quarantining

Martin S. Eichenbaum, Sergio Rebelo, Mathias Trabandt
(NBER Working Paper 27104)

Pandemic Recession: L or V-Shaped?

Victoria Gregory, Guido Menzio, David G. Wiczer
(NBER Working Paper 27105)

How Valuable is Financial Flexibility when Revenue Stops? Evidence from the COVID-19 Crisis

Rüdiger Fahlenbrach, Kevin Rageth, René M. Stulz
(NBER Working Paper 27106)

Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Times of Large Debt: Unity is Strength

Francesco Bianchi, Renato Faccini, Leonardo Melosi
(NBER Working Paper 27112)

A Note on Long-Run Persistence of Public Health Outcomes in Pandemics

Peter Zhixian Lin, Christopher M. Meissner
(NBER Working Paper 27119)

The Value of Health Insurance during a Crisis: Effects of Medicaid Implementation on Pandemic Influenza Mortality

Karen Clay, Joshua A. Lewis, Edson R. Severnini, Xiao Wang
(NBER Working Paper 27120)

COVID-19 and the Welfare Effects of Reducing Contagion

Robert S. Pindyck
(NBER Working Paper 27121)

Covid-19, Shelter-In Place Strategies and Tipping

Zhihan Cui, Geoffrey Heal, Howard Kunreuther
(NBER Working Paper 27124)

Is the Cure Worse than the Problem Itself? Immediate Labor Market Effects of COVID-19 Case Rates and School Closures in the U.S.

Felipe Lozano Rojas, Xuan Jiang, Laura Montenovo, Kosali I. Simon, Bruce A. Weinberg, Coady Wing
(NBER Working Paper 27127)

Estimating and Simulating a SIRD Model of COVID-19 for Many Countries, States, and Cities

Jesús Fernández-Villaverde, Charles I. Jones
(NBER Working Paper 27128)

The First Weeks of the Coronavirus Crisis: Who Got Hit, When and Why? Evidence from Norway

Annette Alstadsæter, Bernt Bratsberg, Gaute Eielsen, Wojciech Kopczuk, Simen Markussen, Oddbjorn Raaum, Knut Røed
(NBER Working Paper 27131)

Determinants of Disparities in Covid-19 Job Losses

Laura Montenovo, Xuan Jiang, Felipe Lozano Rojas, Ian M. Schmutte, Kosali I. Simon, Bruce A. Weinberg, Coady Wing
(NBER Working Paper 27132)

Social Interactions in Pandemics: Fear, Altruism, and Reciprocity

Laura Alfaro, Ester Faia, Nora Lamersdorf, Farzad Saidi
(NBER Working Paper 27134)

Expected Health Effects of Reduced Air Pollution from COVID-19 Social Distancing

Steve Cicala, Stephen P. Holland, Erin T. Mansur, Nicholas Z. Muller, Andrew J. Yates
(NBER Working Paper 27135)

COVID-19 Is Also a Reallocation Shock

Maria Barrero, Nicholas Bloom, Steven J. Davis
(NBER Working Paper 27137)

Effect of a Federal Paid Sick Leave Mandate on Working and Staying at Home: Evidence from Cellular Device Data

Martin Andersen, Johanna Catherine Maclean, Michael F. Pesko, Kosali I. Simon
(NBER Working Paper 27138)

The Cost of the Covid-19 Crisis: Lockdowns, Macroeconomic Expectations, and Consumer Spending

Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Michael Weber
(NBER Working Paper 27141)

Paying It Backward and Forward: Expanding Access to Convalescent Plasma Therapy Through Market Design

Scott Duke Kominers, Parag A. Pathak, Tayfun Sönmez, M. Utku Ünver
(NBER Working Paper 27143)

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Released on May 4, 2020

Global Behaviors and Perceptions at the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Thiemo R. Fetzer, Marc Witte, Lukas Hensel, Jon Jachimowicz, Johannes Haushofer, Andriy Ivchenko, Stefano Caria, Elena Reutskaja, Christopher P. Roth, Stefano Fiorin, Margarita Gómez, Gordon Kraft-Todd, Friedrich M. Götz, Erez Yoeli
(NBER Working Paper 27082)

Which Workers Bear the Burden of Social Distancing Policies?

Simon Mongey, Laura Pilossoph, Alex Weinberg
(NBER Working Paper 27085)

Did COVID-19 Improve Air Quality Near Hubei?

Douglas Almond, Xinming Du, Shuang Zhang
(NBER Working Paper 27086)

When Do Shelter-in-Place Orders Fight COVID-19 Best? Policy Heterogeneity Across States and Adoption Time

Dhaval M. Dave, Andrew I. Friedson, Kyutaro Matsuzawa, Joseph J. Sabia
(NBER Working Paper 27091)

Did the Paycheck Protection Program Hit the Target?

João Granja, Christos Makridis, Constantine Yannelis, Eric Zwick
(NBER Working Paper 27095)

Income, Liquidity, and the Consumption Response to the 2020 Economic Stimulus Payments

Scott R. Baker, R. A. Farrokhnia, Steffen Meyer, Michaela Pagel, Constantine Yannelis
(NBER Working Paper 27097)

Health vs. Wealth? Public Health Policies and the Economy During Covid-19

Zhixian Lin, Christopher M. Meissner
(NBER Working Paper 27099)

Inequality of Fear and Self-Quarantine: Is There a Trade-off between GDP and Public Health?

Sangmin Aum, Sang Yoon (Tim) Lee, Yongseok Shin
(NBER Working Paper 27100)

A Multi-Risk SIR Model with Optimally Targeted Lockdown

Daron Acemoglu, Victor Chernozhukov, Iván Werning, Michael D. Whinston
(NBER Working Paper 27102)

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Released on April 27, 2020

Tracking Public and Private Response to the COVID-19 Epidemic: Evidence from State and Local Government Actions

Sumedha Gupta, Thuy D. Nguyen, Felipe Lozano Rojas, Shyam Raman, Byungkyu Lee, Ana Bento, Kosali I. Simon, Coady Wing
(NBER Working Paper 27027)

Estimating the Fraction of Unreported Infections in Epidemics with a Known Epicenter: an Application to COVID-19

Ali Hortaçsu, Jiarui Liu, Timothy Schwieg
(NBER Working Paper 27028)

Voluntary and Mandatory Social Distancing: Evidence on COVID-19 Exposure Rates from Chinese Provinces and Selected Countries

Alexander Chudik, M. Hashem Pesaran, Alessandro Rebucci
(NBER Working Paper 27039)

Which Retail Outlets Generate the Most Physical Interactions?

Avi Goldfarb, Catherine Tucker
(NBER Working Paper 27042)

Demographic Perspectives on Mortality of Covid-19 and Other Epidemics

Joshua R. Goldstein, Ronald D. Lee
(NBER Working Paper 27043)

A Model of Asset Price Spirals and Aggregate Demand Amplification of a "Covid-19" Shock

Ricardo J. Caballero, Alp Simsek (NBER Working Paper 27044)

Health versus Wealth: On the Distributional Effects of Controlling a Pandemic

Andrew Glover, Jonathan Heathcote, Dirk Krueger, José-Víctor Ríos-Rull
(NBER Working Paper 27046)

Macroeconomic Dynamics and Reallocation in an Epidemic

Dirk Krueger, Harald Uhlig, Taojun Xie
(NBER Working Paper 27047)

Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions and Mortality in U.S. Cities during the Great Influenza Pandemic, 1918-1919

Robert J. Barro
(NBER Working Paper 27049)

Corporate Immunity to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wenzhi Ding, Ross Levine, Chen Lin, Wensi Xie
(NBER Working Paper 27055)

Internal and External Effects of Social Distancing in a Pandemic

Maryam Farboodi, Gregor Jarosch, Robert Shimer
(NBER Working Paper 27059)

Economic Activity and the Value of Medical Innovation during a Pandemic

Casey B. Mulligan
(NBER Working Paper 27060)

Labor Demand in the Time of COVID-19: Evidence from Vacancy Postings and UI Claims

Lisa B. Kahn, Fabian Lange, David G. Wiczer
(NBER Working Paper 27061)

Pandemic Lockdown: The Role of Government Commitment

Christian A. Moser, Pierre Yared,
(NBER Working Paper 27062)

Sequential Lifting of COVID-19 Interventions with Population Heterogeneity

Adriano A. Rampini
(NBER Working Paper 27063)

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Released on April 20, 2020

Did California's Shelter-in-Place Order Work? Early Coronavirus-Related Public Health Benefits

Andrew I. Friedson, Drew McNichols, Joseph J. Sabia, Dhaval Dave
(NBER Working Paper 26992)

Policy Implications of Models of the Spread of Coronavirus: Perspectives and Opportunities for Economists

Christopher Avery, William Bossert, Adam Clark, Glenn Ellison, Sara Fisher Ellison
(NBER Working Paper 27007)

Risk Perception Through the Lens of Politics in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic

John M. Barrios, Yael Hochberg
(NBER Working Paper 27008)

Covid-19 Infection Externalities: Trading Off Lives vs. Livelihoods

Zachary A. Bethune, Anton Korinek
(NBER Working Paper 27009)

Labor Markets During the COVID-19 Crisis: A Preliminary View

Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Michael Weber
(NBER Working Paper 27017)

Lock-downs, Loneliness and Life Satisfaction

Daniel S. Hamermesh
(NBER Working Paper 27018)

Covid-19: Testing Inequality in New York City

Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé, Ken Teoh, Martín Uribe
(NBER Working Paper 27019)

Economic Policy Incentives to Preserve Lives and Livelihoods

Roberto Chang, Andrés Velasco
(NBER Working Paper 27020)

The Subways Seeded the Massive Coronavirus Epidemic in New York City

Jeffrey E. Harris
(NBER Working Paper 27021)

Estimating the COVID-19 Infection Rate: Anatomy of an Inference Problem

Charles F. Manski, Francesca Molinari
(NBER Working Paper 27023)

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Released on April 13, 2020

Polarization and Public Health: Partisan Differences in Social Distancing during COVID-19

Hunt Allcott, Levi Boxell, Jacob C. Conway, Matthew Gentzkow, Michael Thaler, David Y. Yang
(NBER Working Paper 26946)

Triage Protocol Design for Ventilator Rationing in a Pandemic: Integrating Multiple Ethical Values through Reserves

Parag A. Pathak, Tayfun Sönmez, M. Utku Unver, M. Bumin Yenmez
(NBER Working Paper 26951)

Demographic Determinants of Testing Incidence and COVID-19 Infections in New York City Neighborhoods

George J. Borjas
(NBER Working Paper 26952)

U.S. Economic Activity During the Early Weeks of the SARS-Cov-2 Outbreak

Daniel Lewis, Karel Mertens, James H. Stock
(NBER Working Paper 26954)

How Deadly Is COVID-19? Understanding The Difficulties With Estimation Of Its Fatality Rate

Andrew Atkeson
(NBER Working Paper 26965)

Firm-level Exposure to Epidemic Diseases: Covid-19, SARS, and H1N1

Tarek Alexander Hassan, Stephan Hollander, Laurence van Lent, Ahmed Tahoun
(NBER Working Paper 26971)

A Simple Planning Problem for COVID-19 Lockdown

Fernando E. Alvarez, David Argente, Francesco Lippi
(NBER Working Paper 26981)

Social Distancing, Internet Access and Inequality

Lesley Chiou, Catherine Tucker
(NBER Working Paper 26982)

COVID-Induced Economic Uncertainty

Scott R. Baker, Nicholas Bloom, Steven J. Davis, Stephen J. Terry
(NBER Working Paper 26983)

Optimal Mitigation Policies in a Pandemic: Social Distancing and Working from Home

Callum J. Jones, Thomas Philippon, Venky Venkateswaran
(NBER Working Paper 26984)

Covid19 and the Macroeconomic Effects of Costly Disasters

Sydney C. Ludvigson, Serena Ng, Sai Ma
(NBER Working Paper 26987)

How Are Small Businesses Adjusting to COVID-19? Early Evidence from a Survey

Alexander W. Bartik, Marianne Bertrand, Zoë B. Cullen, Edward L. Glaeser, Michael Luca, Christopher T. Stanton
(NBER Working Paper 26989)

The Geographic Spread of COVID-19 Correlates with Structure of Social Networks as Measured by Facebook

Theresa Kuchler, Dominic Russel, Johannes Stroebel
(NBER Working Paper 26990)

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Released on April 6, 2020

The Coronavirus Epidemic Curve is Already Flattening in New York City

Jeffrey E. Harris
(NBER Working Paper 26917)

Macroeconomic Implications of COVID-19: Can Negative Supply Shocks Cause Demand Shortages?

Veronica Guerrieri, Guido Lorenzoni, Ludwig Straub, Iván Werning
(NBER Working Paper 26918)

The Brazilian Bombshell? The Long-Term Impact of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic the South American Way

Amanda Guimbeau, Nidhiya Menon, Aldo Musacchio
(NBER Working Paper 26929)

Longer-run Economic Consequences of Pandemics

Òscar Jordà, Sanjay R. Singh, Alan M. Taylor
(NBER Working Paper 26934)

The Unprecedented Stock Market Impact of COVID-19

Scott R. Baker, Nicholas Bloom, Steven J. Davis, Kyle J. Kost, Marco C. Sammon, Tasaneeya Viratyosin
(NBER Working Paper 26945)

The Impact of COVID-19 on Gender Equality

Titan M. Alon, Matthias Doepke, Jane Olmstead-Rumsey, Michèle Tertilt
(NBER Working Paper 26947)

How Many Jobs Can be Done at Home?

Jonathan I. Dingel, Brent Neiman
(NBER Working Paper 26948)

How Does Household Spending Respond to an Epidemic? Consumption During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

Scott R. Baker, R.A. Farrokhnia, Steffen Meyer, Michaela Pagel, Consta, ntine Yannelis
(NBER Working Paper 26949)

Aggregate and Firm-Level Stock Returns During Pandemics, in Real Time

Laura Alfaro, Anusha Chari, Andrew N. Greenland, Peter K. Schott
(NBER Working Paper 26950)

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Released on March 30, 2020

An SEIR Infectious Disease Model with Testing and Conditional Quarantine

David W. Berger, Kyle F. Herkenhoff, and Simon Mongey
(NBER Working Paper 26901)

Data Gaps and the Policy Response to the Novel Coronavirus

James H. Stock
(NBER Working Paper 26902)

Compliance with COVID-19 Social-Distancing Measures in Italy: The Role of Expectations and Duration

Guglielmo Briscese, Nicola Lacetera, Mario Macis, and Mirco Tonin
(NBER Working Paper 26916)

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Released on March 23, 2020

The Coronavirus and the Great Influenza Pandemic: Lessons from the "Spanish Flu" for the Coronavirus's Potential Effects on Mortality and Economic Activity

Robert J. Barro, José F. Ursúa, and Joanna Weng
(NBER Working Paper 26866)

What Will Be the Economic Impact of COVID-19 in the US? Rough Estimates of Disease Scenarios

Andrew Atkeson
(NBER Working Paper 26867)

The Macroeconomics of Epidemics

Martin S. Eichenbaum, Sergio Rebelo, and Mathias Trabandt
(NBER Working Paper 26882)

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